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The highest authority in the Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMKO is chosen to the term 2019 in the representatives elections. JAMKO representatives consist of 21 members and 21 vice members. The representatives supervise the interests of the JAMK students by making the big decisions and guidelines in the student union. Because of that it is important that you decide who decides!


There are 49 candidates and eight different coalitions. 4 candidates stood as non-aligned. Every JAMKO’s member has a chance to vote. JAMKO's representatives elections' voting period is during Oct 29th - Nov 7th 2018. Only JAMKO’s members are entitled to vote and you can vote only one time. Voting is carried out with a link which every JAMKO’s member will receive to their school e-mail. Voting ends Nov 7th at 3 p.m. The results of the election are published in the election night event 7th of November. Results of the election will be published on JAMKO's website.

Get to know the candidates!

In addtion to the voting app, the candidates are presented on JAMKO's website, in election posters around campuses and in election panels on Main Campus' D-lounge Oct 25th at 11 a.m. Follow the panel via JAMKO's Facebook live. 

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